Physiotherapy for prostatitis at home: how effective are physiotherapy treatments
How effective is physiotherapy in adenoma and prostatitis, can it be used at home?

How useful is physiotherapy for prostate and prostate adenoma?

If you have problems with urination and potency, men are advised to consult a urologist. Inflammation and prostate adenoma require complex therapy, which cannot be replaced by popular recipes.

Physical therapy for prostatitis is a safe and effective method of eliminating unpleasant symptoms and inflammation.

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  • What is physiotherapy
    • The effectiveness of the treatment of prostate diseases
    • Indications and Contraindications
  • Types of physiotherapy procedures
  • Electrophoresis
    • The mechanism of
    • Course duration
  • UHF
    • The mechanism of
    • Course duration
  • Amplipulse therapy
    • The mechanism of action of the apparatus
    • Course duration
  • Galvanotherapy
    • Impact mechanism
    • Course duration
  • Physical therapy at home
  • Treatment in Moscow, prices for treatments
  • Useful video
  • Let’s sum up

What is physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a medical area in which special treatment is described and applied based on natural factors. These methods for the treatment of adenoma and prostatitis using water, ultrasound and current are safe for the body.

Physiotherapy is an effective treatment for prostatitis

Many diseases that are associated with human reproductive health are eliminated in this way.

Physiotherapy for prostatitis is prescribed depending on the type of the disease:

  1. Treatment of chronic inflammation is carried out using techniques that increase blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in the pelvis. During the acute phase, only drugs are prescribed.
  2. In acute inflammation, a man is given an enema, and antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed. Massages, ultrasound and electromagnetic effects on the prostate are contraindicated.
  3. Purulent inflammation of the prostate gland is not recommended to be treated with physiotherapeutic methods, as well as at home.
  4. Prostate adenoma requires timely physiotherapy. Too large neoplasms cannot be eliminated with ultrasonic or electromagnetic waves.

The most common physiotherapy for men is prostate massage. Regular exposure to the inflamed organ eliminates unpleasant symptoms and also prevents their re-development.

Important! Men over 40 are advised to carry out prophylaxis of prostate diseases several times a year.

The effectiveness of the treatment of prostate diseases

  • lymph drainage from the inflamed prostate gland;
  • elimination of edema of affected tissues;
  • restoration of urinary function;
  • the elimination of painful sensations during urination, ejaculation, defecation;
  • the fastest regeneration of the affected tissues;
  • general body strengthening;
  • complex therapy of chronic diseases of the genitourinary system.

When adenoma procedures prevent the proliferation of pathological tissues, help to reduce neoplasms. When diagnosing a malignant tumor, physiotherapy contraindicated.

Physiotherapy allows you to speed up the recovery process of the inflamed gland, a man is assigned a smaller amount of medication. To prevent recurrence of the disease, it is recommended to visit urological health resorts annually.

Indications and Contraindications

Physiotherapy is specifically prescribed for men with cardiovascular diseases, liver and kidney failure, and malignant neoplasms.

Special contraindications for its conduct:

  • exacerbation of the disease, temperature;
  • infectious or viral disease;
  • a recent heart attack or stroke;
  • severe mental disorders, epilepsy;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • bleeding disorders, anemia.

Before physiotherapy it is necessary to undergo a full examination and exclude the presence of contraindications. If you decide to use the technique at home with the help of special devices, consult your doctor.

Types of physiotherapy procedures

Ointments, gels or injections are not able to eliminate the disease. Therefore, the following procedures are prescribed:

  • massage is carried out by a specialist or self-device, which can be purchased at an intimate store or pharmacy;
  • electrophoresis is based on the action of direct current, which delivers primobolan online the necessary medicines to the tissues of the prostate gland;
  • galvanization, in which direct current is used to stimulate the prostate gland;
  • photo or phototherapy is intended to warm gland tissues in case of chronic non-bacterial inflammation, use ultraviolet, infrared or laser radiation;
  • cryotherapy helps eliminate adenomas with liquid nitrogen;
  • magnetic therapy affects the affected tissues through the vessels, lymph, acupuncture points, carried out by an alternating or permanent magnetic field;
  • ultrasound contributes to the resorption of scars, reducing inflammation;
  • pulsed or high-frequency currents are emitted by special devices, which helps reduce pain and restore urinary function.

These procedures for prostate affect the skin, lymph, blood vessels or affected gland tissue. To select the method, doctors diagnose the patient’s condition, the form of the disease. The possibilities of a clinic or sanatorium are also taken into account.


Electrophoresis for prostatitis is prescribed to eliminate scars, reduce pain, relieve increased muscle tone, which leads to a lack of urination and ejaculation. Depending on the type and form of the disease, along with electrical impulses they deliver drugs: analgesics, calcium, bromine, iodine, zinc, antibiotics, enzymes.

The mechanism of

Electrophoresis of the prostate is carried out superficially, intracavitary or interstitial. The gland is affected by low-frequency currents from 1 to 50 μA.

If the patient does not have hemorrhoids, anal fissures or proctitis, a rectal procedure is prescribed. If there are contraindications, electrodes are installed in the lower abdomen and on the sacrum.

Electrophoresis for prostatitis

Physical therapy for chronic prostatitis is most often carried out by intracavitary techniques. The patient is given an enema to cleanse the rectum, after which a guide is introduced with 50 ml of the drug.

With the help of electrodes, most of the drug comes in streams, the remaining 10-20 ml – drip. Endourethral treatment is also recommended for serious urination problems.

Course duration

Electrophoresis for prostatitis should not cause pain, a slight tingling is permissible in the area of ​​adhesion of rubber conductors. If a man complains of discomfort, the power supply is reduced.

Depending on the type of introduction of the electrode, the procedure takes from 15 to 20 minutes. Treatment of prostatitis by electrophoresis takes about a month, it is carried out 3 times a week.


UHF is carried out using electromagnetic force. The procedure helps to reduce inflammation, accelerate the regeneration of damaged cells, improve metabolic processes.

During therapy with a magnetic field with frequencies of 40.68 or 27.12 MHz, medical preparations become more effective as the tissue conductivity increases.

Treatment of prostatitis in this way is contraindicated in the acute form of the disease or in prostate cancer. Electromagnetic waves provoke the growth of malignant tumors.

The mechanism of

To prevent burns and bleeding, electrodes are placed at a distance of at least 2 cm from the skin. Therefore, under the conductor enclose a special bandage bandage. In the treatment of this method is important to observe safety measures.

Course duration

Course UHF physiotherapy is performed 10-15 times. Each session lasts up to 15 minutes. It is possible to repeat the procedure one month after the first course.

UHF-therapy for the prostate is not prescribed more than twice a year. It is not done on its own, as there is a risk of burns, bleeding, growth of scar tissue.

Amplipulse therapy

For the treatment of prostatitis, the effect of electrical impulses on muscle tissue is used. Amplipulse therapy is prescribed with a decrease in tone and blood circulation disturbance in the small pelvis.

The completed course helps to improve the secretion of prostate juice and sperm, reduce pain during urination, and increase potency. Contraindications to conduct are cardiovascular diseases, cancer or adenoma, purulent prostatitis.

The mechanism of action of the apparatus

 inflammation of the prostate gland using a special apparatus uses electric pulse therapy. It is most effective to apply Amplipulse with reduced muscle tone.

The procedure is preferably carried out after prostate massage. Two electrodes that transmit electrical impulses are attached in the perineal or sacral area and in the peritoneal region, or transurethral. On the fabric affects a direct current with a frequency of 100-120 Hz.

Today Amplipulse is an affordable device that can be purchased and used at home. However, without the recommendation and full examination of doctors can not be treated with the device.

Course duration

A man is given a two-week treatment with the Amplipulse machine for remission of chronic inflammation.

Each session takes 10-15 minutes, and by the end of the course the exposure time rises to half an hour. If you purchased the device, be sure to consult with your doctor before using it.


Galvanotherapy on the mechanism of action resembles electrophoresis treatment. The main difference is the treatment of the affected tissues with continuous current without the addition of medications. The main drug used in the procedure is magnesium-calcium hydroxide.

As a result of a course of physiotherapy for the prostate gland, inflammation decreases, blood circulation resumes, secretory function is improved, scars dissolve.

Impact mechanism

Unpleasant sensations during the session should not be. In the middle of the course there is a sharp deterioration in the patient’s condition. This body reaction is correct, the course continues.

Also, galvanization is a prophylactic method and can be prescribed during the spa treatment. The current with copper ions prevents the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria in the prostate gland, urethra, and rectum.

Course duration

Prostate electroplating course lasts from 1 to 2 months. Depending on the patient’s condition, procedures are prescribed from 15 to 40 minutes a day or every other day. Physiotherapy for prostate adenoma requires similar treatment.

Physical therapy at home

Can prostate disease be cured with a home treatment? This physiotherapy for prostate are under the supervision of a physician.

In specialized medical equipment stores you can purchase devices emitting ultrasonic or electromagnetic waves. Instruments for carrying out procedures are expensive, but they will serve for a long time.

 that is necessary for inflammation, it is recommended to purchase a massager in an intimate store or pharmacy. With it, a man without constraint can independently carry out the procedure.

Home physiotherapy for prostate adenoma is not recommended, since electromagnetic waves can provoke the growth of a neoplasm.

To prevent deterioration, you can engage in medical gymnastics. Reducing the size of a benign tumor without surgery is impossible.

Also physiotherapy procedures include exercise therapy. It is recommended to carry out elements that provoke an improvement in blood circulation and lymph outflow in the pelvic organs.

Men need to run, squat, ride a bike, do Kegel exercises. The latter are based on alternate tension and relaxation of the muscles of the perineum.

Treatment in Moscow, prices for treatments

Which clinics providing physiotherapy for prostatitis and adenoma are the best in Moscow? The rating is based on the list of possible services, quality of equipment, professionalism of doctors.


Electrophoresis Galvanization Shock wave therapy Magnetic therapy


Presnensky medical and rehabilitation center

810 rubles 920 rub 2200 rub 800 rub 1200 rub

Multidisciplinary Center “Complex Clinic”

500 rub 400 rub

Medical and diagnostic center “Medicine” 1400 rub 1250 rub 3000 rub

1170 rubles

Multidisciplinary clinic “Miracle Doctor” 520 rubles 520 rubles 1270 rubles 560 rubles

850 rub

According to the patients, the listed centers are the most versatile. Physiotherapy for the prostate gland: laser buy alpha pharma steroids online therapy, phonophoresis, electrical stimulation, darsonvalization, UHF.

Note! On the website of each clinic are provided phone numbers that you can call and consult.

Listed physiotherapy for prostate adenoma and inflammation of the prostate gland is carried out after testing.

Useful video

Let’s sum up

Physiotherapy methods are recommended for inflammation of the tissues and prostate adenoma in combination with medication. Procedures using light, water, a magnetic field, or ultrasound help to improve blood circulation in the prostate gland and strengthen the overall immunity.

Properly chosen therapy will eliminate pain and normalize urination, ejaculation, defecation for several months.

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