The effect of beer on the male body: are potency problems associated with alcohol
Does the problem with potency cause alcohol and examine the effect of beer on the male body, its urinary system.

What is the effect of beer on the male body?

Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world. Who does not like to rest after work for a bottle of foam? Alcoholism and potency in the stronger sex are closely related, but many ignore this fact. It is important to understand how beer affects the potency and what consequences its use causes.

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  • The effect of alcohol on the body
  • Harm of alcohol for potency
  • Harm of beer for men
  • Harm of other types of alcohol
  • Alcohol guidelines
  • When alcohol is strictly prohibited
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The effect of alcohol on the body

Abuse of drinking leads to violations in all organs:

  1. Diseases of the cardiovascular system are at the leading positions in the statistics of population mortality, and alcohol influences these figures in many respects.
    It affects the heart muscle, violates the heart rhythm, provokes the formation of hypertensive diseases and heart disease.
  2. Often, alcohol is combined with tobacco, which enhances the harmful effects of alcohol on the male body. When respiration deteriorates, severe diseases appear: bronchitis, tuberculosis, tracheitis, pulmonary emphysema.
  3. The stomach and its mucous are the first to take a punch. Manifestation of gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers.
  4. The liver performs an antitoxic function. Regular excessive drinking leads to cirrhosis of the liver.
  5. Suffering from alcoholism have kidney problems. Alcohol detrimental effect on the renal epithelium and brings failures in the entire system.
  6. One-third of alcohol abusers noted a decrease in sexual function. Alcohol and impotence in men are inseparable companions.

Many people doubt: does alcohol affect life? The number of vital systems affected by alcohol speaks for itself. The effect of alcohol on a man’s body is expressed by the duration of life. Persons prone to drunkenness, live approximately 15-20 years less than a non-drinker.

Harm of alcohol for potency

Even a low-alcohol drink can greatly harm men’s health by starting to stimulate the production of the female hormone estrogen instead of testosterone. 

So, the harmful effect of beer on the potency is obvious.

Among the external signs of such a deviation:

  • fatty deposits in the abdomen;
  • rounding hips and buttocks;
  • breast augmentation.

Estrogen will inhibit male sexual function, which leads to loss of erection and the onset of impotence.

These physical consequences are caused both by the physical factors of the influence of alcoholic beverages on men and by the psychological problems they carry: self-doubt, nervousness, excessive vulnerability — they do not have a positive effect on sexual attraction and only worsen relations with others.

This also applies to personal life. Alcohol harms not only the sexual system itself, but also entails major problems in dealing with oneself and society.

Harm of beer for men

Most men wonder if beer bodybuilding steroids for sale affects potency. Harmful foam for men’s health is most significant because it affects the concentration of sex hormones.

How alcohol affects the potency of the stronger sex, scientists found out in 1999, when 8-prenilnaringenin from the class of phytoestrogens was discovered in the “cones” of hops, which are used to make and impart a special taste to the foamy drink. It contains large amounts of female sex hormone.

It is interesting! The woman’s body contains 0.3-0.7 mg of estrogen, while in 1 liter of beer the concentration can go up to 0.15 mg.

Thus, the female hormone can affect the male body.

Beer provokes increased appetite. Uncontrolled food intake in connection with this leads to obesity. It is bad for the work of the heart.

The blood vessels are full, varicose veins occur, the heart muscle increases, unable to cope with the loads.

Therefore, overeating should also be controlled, as well as excessive drinking. Poor blood circulation affects a male erection, impotence from alcohol can occur. The negative impact of beer on the male body is obvious.

Harm of other types of alcohol

The human body contains both male and female hormones. Normally, male hormones predominate in men, and female hormones are eliminated by the liver. Alcoholic beverages inhibit the production of testosterone and simultaneously weaken the liver.

The effect of beer on the potency occurs through the changing hormones, which leads to changes in behavior, appearance and sexual desire.

With regard to sexual function, at first alcohol will help relax and feel more confident.

It is possible even not to ejaculate longer, because of what thoughts arise that with sexual intercourse sexual intercourse becomes more qualitative, because at first it even provokes sexual desire.

This leads to the fact that without alcohol people will no longer be able to feel the excitement. A person falls into the trap, preferring to “refuel” before sexual intercourse, not realizing that this is a direct path to alcoholism.

The required dose will increase over time, until serious violations in the sexual system and sexual life begin. Ejaculation will occur less frequently, orgasm will become painful, weakening with time, and then disappear altogether.

Alcohol guidelines

Scientists have found vitamins B1, B2, B6 and H in hop drinks that have a good effect on the nervous system. They contain magnesium, copper, zinc and iron – the elements necessary for the body for healthy functioning.

0.5 liters of beer per day (but no more!) Contains about 40% of the daily requirement of vitamins. In small quantities, beer can be a good medicine or a vitamin complex, but abuse will already poison the body, carrying disastrous consequences.

Mindzrav calculated the dose of ethyl alcohol, which a person is able to digest without much harm.

Scientists have concluded that a man can drink up to 210 grams of alcohol per week (about 5 liters of beer with a degree up to 5%), while girls – up to 140 grams (about 3 liters).

This amount is considered safe for health. Without significant harm, you can use 50 grams of vodka twice a day before meals. Larger amounts of alcohol consumption will already be to the detriment. It is extremely important to comply with the measure, so as not to hurt yourself.

Important! Do not rely on averaged information. The metabolism of all people is strictly individual.

How beer affects the potency of men is obvious, but each organism has its own characteristics, so the degree of influence may vary.

When alcohol is strictly prohibited

Drinking alcohol will always carry a heavy poisoning.

Alcohol is prohibited for teenagers and children. In the early stages of the formation of an organism, they can extremely adversely affect the development of a person and his personality.

Also alcoholic beverages are contraindicated:

  • pregnant women;
  • men in the period of conception of the child.

Studies have shown that father’s drunkenness plays a crucial role during the conception period, and mother’s drunkenness can only be of secondary importance. According to statistics, every fifth child suffering from dementia was born to a drinking parent. By the way, “under attack” is not only avid alcoholics, but also men who only occasionally drink alcohol.

Within 3-12 hours after drinking the alcohol remains in the semen, and there it is up to several days.

In the seed of a drunken man, defective spermatozoa make up more than 50%, while in an ordinary person there are no more than a quarter of them.

Normally damaged sperm do not participate in fertilization.

But ethanol reduces the activity of healthy sperm, which increases the probability of fertilization of the egg Safe Steroid Store is damaged.

The female body is designed so that during fertilization by a defective sperm cell a miscarriage may occur in the mother. Acceptance of alcoholic beverages affects not only the potency of men, but also the female body, and in the future may affect the development of the unborn child.

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Let’s sum up

The positive effect of beer on male potency is the place to be, but only when using this drink in moderate doses – no more than 0.5 liters per day. 

Foamy drink must be of high quality, because it affects other organs of the human body. The consumption of alcohol in unreasonable volumes has a negative impact not only on the potency of a man, but also on his entire life.

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