What makes men excited: how to understand that the guy is excited, signs of arousal
As the excitement of a man, what is erection. What makes men excited and what affects erection. The first signs or how to understand that the guy is excited, as well as tips for girls.

The first signs of sexual attraction: from which men are excited and tips for girls

Female and male body have a different anatomical structure. The main physiological processes are the same, but some nervous reactions occur much faster in the stronger sex. What makes men excited and how the erection mechanism occurs – it is important to know the sexual partner in order to increase self-interest and improve sex life.

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  • Mechanisms of male arousal
  • What affects sexual arousal?
    • Internal factors
    • External factors
  • Signs of arousal in men
  • Myths and prejudices
  • Practical advice
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Mechanisms of male arousal

An erection is an excited state of the penis, when the man’s body is ready to have sexual contact. The mechanism itself is caused by the influx of arterial blood into the cavity of the cavernous bodies of the penis, due to which the body increases in size, changes its angle and becomes solid.

The influx during sexual arousal increases the blood supply process by 10–20 times.

Simultaneously with the increase in blood flow, the transverse muscles of the perineum and the prostate gland contract, as well as the muscles contracting the root of the penis.
During erection, the penis increases in volume by 3-4 times and reaches a length of 14-18 cm, which is regulated by the nerve centers of the brain and the lower part of the spinal cord.

Erectile reaction can be divided into several types:

  1. Psychogenic reaction. Appears as a result of the influence of auditory, taste or visual stimuli. Nerve impulses give signals to parts of the brain that are responsible for the physiological response of the penis.
  2. Reflex erection. This is an automatic reaction that occurs due to stimulation of the penis. Sensory stimuli directly affect the nerve endings of the penis, as well as the rectum and bladder.
  3. Spontaneous erection. Occurs without control of consciousness, in most cases at night.

Sometimes there is a morning excited state of the penis, caused by either erotic dreams or bladder overflow, which is the physiological norm. In young people, a night erection can occur 3-6 times per night, when a man is sleeping and does not even know about it. The reflex works even in disabled people or patients with disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

Problems with erection occur more often in old age due to concomitant diseases of the urogenital system.

The man’s body is designed so that after eye contact with the object of desire in the man’s head, fantasy images, pictures of the future sexual intercourse appear in the man’s head. This is the first step to the emergence of sexual desire.

The second stage is physical contact. Stimulating effect on men has petting or other touching the genitals and even through primobolan online clothing. With each step, the penis becomes harder, increasing in size by 2-3 times.

During penetration of the penis into the vagina, the organ increases even more; during frictions, the sensitivity of the head increases. Ejaculation is the process of ejaculation when the testicles are emptied. The last stage of sexual contact is detumescence.

Detumescence is the opposite of an erection process, when the penis returns to a state of rest. After orgasm, the penis becomes soft, sexual desire disappears due to satisfaction. An erection becomes possible only after 10-15 minutes.

What affects sexual arousal?

Separate the causes that affect the excitement of men, you can conditionally on the external and internal. To affect the state of the sexual organ can visual images, even fantasy, but not real.

Internal factors

Internal factors include physiological reactions. Blood flow to the penis is due to nerve impulses, brain signals, giving the command to cause an erection and the production of lubricant.

Internal factors provoking sexual arousal:

  1. The work of the central nervous system. There is a message that speeds up blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Anticipating pleasure, images of future intercourse appear in my head.
  2. Testosterone. This is the main male sex hormone. However, it is not fully proven that it affects the level of lust. But the development of the urogenital system depends on the work of androgens. Testosterone is responsible for the formation of male primary sexual characteristics and for the processes associated with puberty.
  3. Prostate gland functionality. With prostatitis, hyperplasia or other diseases of the prostate, the level of sexual desire decreases, there is a risk of impotence.

The health of the male body – the key to the penis. In the presence of problems with the metabolism (diabetes), blood circulation or the development of mental abnormalities, there is such a symptom as a sluggish potency. If the prostate, hormonal and central nervous system is all right, then sexual desire will be even in 50 years.

External factors

Receptions for the excitement of men very much. Among the external influence can be noted several groups: eye contact, taste and sound. Even an erection can affect the music.

External influence on sexual desire:

  1. Visual imagery. This is not only the attractiveness of women, but also a riot of fantasy. After visual contact with the object of lust in the head, the man has images of the future sexual intercourse, which causes blood to flow to the penis.
  2. Taste buds. Scientists have shown that even certain types of foods can increase libido. These include seafood, garlic, parsley and even beef. Such food is able to excite nerve impulses and increase the rush of blood to the genitals.
  3. Smells. Pheromones are a special magic which generates certain feelings in a person. Perhaps the flavor of the partner excites at the molecular level, which excites the brain system.
  4. Sounds. Even music can cause an erection. However, among the sound methods of arousal – talk or female moans. Such pathogens have a positive effect on potency.

Among the mechanical methods of excitation can be noted masturbation, when, after direct stimulation, the penis becomes larger and harder. The sexual organ is the main erogenous zone of a man. From the efforts of women, touches and kisses, a man is excited.

Signs of arousal in men

How to understand that the guy is excited – you should pay attention to changes in appearance. By behavior, some minor changes can indicate signs of sexual desire.

Sexual arousal is the reaction of the human body to sexual stimulation. Its strength and duration depends on the hormonal background sustanon 250, well-being, genetic predisposition, anatomical features of the structure.

How to understand that the man was excited, the first major signs:

  • palpitations become more frequent, tachycardia may appear;
  • there is intermittent uneven breathing;
  • pupils dilate;
  • there is an increase in blood pressure;
  • timbre and tempo change;
  • straining not only the penis, but also other muscle groups;
  • salivation increases;
  • there are goose bumps on the skin.

By all indications, the male desire to have sexual intercourse is reminiscent of stress.

The main symptom is an erection. How much more a member becomes – an individual indicator, however, as a rule, the smaller the penis in a relaxed state, the more it is during erection.

The size change is observed not only during sexual arousal, but also after the organ is inserted into the vagina. Rhythmic frictions – another irritant, contributing to the increase of a member.

To prolong sexual intercourse, it is recommended to temporarily stop rhythmic friction to reduce tension. On the erect penis appear discharge, which should not be afraid. It is a pre-seminal fluid that plays an important role in ensuring conception.
In the first stage of excitation, the preseed can be released as a lubricant, during the copulation process and after it.

Myths and prejudices

The processes of excitation of the male and female body occurs in completely different ways. There are many sexual assumptions on the Internet about what excites men. There are a lot of myths, but it is worth dispelling them so that a woman can be most desired in bed.

What really excites a man:

  1. Morning Awakening. This is not only a psychological effect, but also a physiological one. Around 9 o’clock in the morning, the representative of the stronger sex appears involuntary erection. It is at this time that the peak of sexual activity begins. However, there is another factor that makes morning sex desirable – a warm and cozy woman. Sleepy hugs create comfort and excite men’s feelings.
  2. Evil woman. There is no scientific explanation for the fact of irritability and sex. Perhaps when in family relationships there is not enough sharpness and passion, the partner deliberately provokes the companion, causing anger in her. Conciliatory sex is notable for its particular sharpness of sensations.
  3. Loose hair At the same time, a certain amount of mess will add mystery to the image. Men like long-haired beauties, since intuitively he sees in a healthy woman an ideal mother for her child.
  4. Naturalness Dangerous makeup or exciting smoky ice works, but there is another way. Lack of makeup also excites men. The reason is weighty – you do not need to eat a ton of cream and lipstick when kissing.
  5. Men’s things. A girl dressed in a T-shirt several sizes larger becomes more fragile and defenseless in the eyes of a man. Especially if you wear it on a naked body. Also plague shirts are considered to be the causative agents of sexual fantasy. In the eyes of a man, the partner becomes a hooligan who does not mind the most daring experiments in bed.
  6. Talented girl. It is not necessary to play the piano professionally or to be a brilliant musician, it’s enough to pick up a musical instrument. Men are excited half-naked girls at the piano, guitar, but if the talent is really present, then use it more boldly. Beautiful singing, playing a musical instrument – all these are ways to influence a man’s erection with the help of sound techniques.
  7. Having a small tummy. In fashion is now a healthy lifestyle, fitness models and dice press. However, most men prefer soft and large forms: bulk breasts, wide hips and small tummy. Perfect appearance can on the contrary scare off the representatives of the stronger sex.
  8. Small wrinkles. Oddly enough, the first signs of aging excite sexual appetite. This is due to the fact that a woman becomes mature and experienced, she has nothing to be ashamed of in sex. And cute dimples on the cheeks or a pair of crows feet in the corners of the eyes cause only the desire to kiss the face of your beloved. Therefore, women should not be upset at the sight of a small mesh on the face, and use the moment and look for a suitable sexual partner.
  9. Small chest size. Men prefer small breasts. And it is true. Owners of the fifth size will be in the span if the breast loses its former elasticity and shape. A small bust is aging much slower, does not sag even after breastfeeding and has an attractive appearance even in a woman over 40 years. Men also prefer their breasts to fit perfectly in their hands.
  10. The desire to eat. A hungry woman with a good appetite buy alpha pharma steroids online is just a man’s dream. Now all the girls around are obsessed with diets, make sure not to eat an extra calorie. Of course, you shouldn’t cram a fat and huge hamburger in yourself, but don’t refuse when men offer to dine denser than usual. Trying various dishes and not giving up various alcoholic beverages, the woman gives the man a non-verbal signal that she does not have the courage not to occupy herself in bed either.
  11. Points In films for adults you can often see the image of a sexy teacher who is ready to work after lessons. Such a nerd, constantly cracking books – a source of sexual inspiration. One has only to wear glasses to bed, as the man’s fantasy begins to actively work out possible postures.
  12. Languid voice. Squeaky high voices are annoying. The most sexy was considered the voice of Marilyn Monroe, which was from the lower range. A light whisper during dinner is a chance to bring a partner right at the table. Men do not like loud and scandalous women, because with them their mental health will be lost, so subconsciously he chooses a calm partner with a low voice.
  13. Closed clothes. Long dresses without a neckline or a skirt to the floor – that’s ideal for a first date. The image of impatience stirs up male fantasy and urges to continue courtship. In addition, too accessible person in a short skirt becomes not so desirable goal, as it is easy to win, and guys like to play and strive.
  14. Unburned skin. Very strange fetish that some guys prefer. At the same time, an unburned line of panties looks especially piquant, as if the woman was bare even more. Therefore, you should not sunbathe naked, you can leave a few areas in order to use the reception in bed.
  15. Bare feet. They say that men like girls in high heels – yes, but not as much as without them. Bare feet – a symbol of liberation and freedom. If you take your shoes off during the evening walk and continue walking barefoot – the date can end with a hot offer.

Perfect styling, bright makeup and a short dress – a losing option. The mystery, naturalness and lack of constraint of his “I” guarantees a woman victory over the guy. To win a man, you just need to be yourself.

Practical advice

The rules of flirting seem simple not to all girls. During sexual games, you can excite a man to such an extent that the image of the chosen one will not get out of his head. One should only know a few secrets of seduction in order to win a partner.

Practical tips for women:

  1. Take the initiative. Try to look straight into the guy’s eyes while flirting, causing him to want to come closer. Show your arousal and readiness for sexual contact.
  2. Spontaneity. Do not plan sex, start pestering the guy while watching a movie. No man will refuse such a turn of events.
  3. Play Show that sexual desire changes you, try on the image of a slut or impatient, experiment. In addition, you can use various themed costumes in bed.
  4. Laugh. Not at the sight of a naked man, but above his jokes. Humor is another aphrodisiac that helps increase sexual desire.
  5. Whisper. Stimulating words and phrases spoken in the ear, sometimes affecting more sexual stimulants and special preparations.
  6. Touches Effective fail-safe method. Petting, close touches and even dancing can cause an erection.
  7. Striptease. Slow stripping in combination with immunity, when a man can only look, but not touch, inflames passion. Sexual fantasy in the imagination draws many options for possible sexual intercourse.
  8. Women’s fragrance. And this is not a perfume, but the natural smell of a woman. During sexual arousal, the girl may change the flavor, there is a release of a certain enzyme that attracts guys.
  9. Secrecy. The forbidden fruit is sweet, so sometimes partners change each other. It is worth inventing a game in which the conqueror’s instinct will work for a man, so that he wants to conquer the girl.
  10. Partial nudity. Do not completely undress in front of a guy. Leave room to think out. The guy should have a desire to find out what is behind the silk robe and what color is underwear.

These secrets will help a woman to be a tigress in bed, to win a man you like or to restore the former passion in marriage. Love is the very first source of arousal. If a man is in love, then the couple will not have problems in sex.


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